Personal Coaching and Mentoring


Coaching is a personalised, powerful and positive process. It is designed to give you confidence and to help you make informed decisions about your future personal and professional life.

During our one-to-one sessions we will work together to understand your current reality and ambitions for the future. We will explore your strengths and weaknesses, hopes and fears. I will challenge you, encourage you to take risks and introduce you to different ways of thinking and learning.

Following coaching, my clients have developed greater self awareness and confidence, resulting in improved performance, better career choices and control of your work life balance.


Mentoring is a personalised process aimed at individuals who want to build a long-term development relationship. It is particularly valuable when you take on a new challenge or career, especially if you are working alone or managing a small business.

The process is designed to give you advice and guidance on your career and personal development. As your mentor I will pass on my years of professional knowledge and experience so you can develop your skills and confidence.

Following mentoring, my clients have developed broader networks from which they have sought support and learning; they have grown confidence in their abilities and built a collection of tools and techniques from which they have delivered success.

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