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I have worked with Kate Shaw over many years operationally (Blue chip company) individually (coaching) and as a partner in management training and coaching. On an individual basis she has helped me through some difficult times in my business. Kate uses her coaching skills to help me identify the real issues. This enables me to reach the right decisions in order to take my business forward. Her no nonsense but sensible approach helps me to have a clear path (and clearer mind) with challenging but achievable goals. I have recently worked with Kate on management training workshop which focused on helping delegates develop their own skills. She delivers coaching training in a logical methodical way challenging delegates to get the very best from the workshop. She enabled delegates to form cohesive and achievable action plan to take back into the workplace.

Rick Hough, Director, How2Solutions, UK

I think your USP is that you have real experience gained from working in senior roles in large organisations, but you are a very human person with an immense amount of personal self awareness, life experiences and emotional intelligence which makes you very credible. To me you come across as a very non-judgemental person, an amazing listener, compassionate and genuinely care about people. Your passion really shines through and clearly this means much more to you than just a means to an end.

Beverley Shaw, Marketing Consultant, UK

I worked with Kate over a period of 6 weeks as part of my preparation for taking a new leadership role in Central Europe. With the objective to prepare my 100 first days, we worked through the key issues and concrete actions that would make this important transition as smooth and successful as possible. Kate has a naturally constructive and positive style and is very focused on desired outcomes and specific actions to achieve them. On reflection, I started this role better prepared than for any previous position, and would certainly repeat the experience next time around.

Neil Edwards, HR Director, Nestlé Czech Market

I had a coaching relationship with Kate for a period of 11 months, and during that time I worked on both business and personal objectives with her. At times I found it tough; the challenge to think differently based on conciliating my need for creativity and the demands of reality wasn’t easy. Kate was always mindful and sensitive to my mood; with empathy and firmness she kept me focused and setting objectives. She had a real belief that I could achieve my goals and aspirations and I found this to be hugely motivating and supportive. I have changed several aspects of my business model as a result and taken some important steps in my private life too. I miss my sessions with her but know I am equipped to move forward more independently than before.

Company director of a leading healthcare communications business in Switzerland

Coaching relies on huge levels of trust, something which comes naturally due to Kate’s warmth and openness. You never feel like just a client with Kate. Her dedication and commitment are demonstrated through every interaction. Kate doesn’t just listen – she gives 110% attention and through this draws out connections and solutions which could easily evade others.

Raj Kaur, HR Manager for Trading and Marketing at Coles, Australia

I wanted to write and thank you for your contribution yesterday at the first Coaching in Defence Day of 2009. From the anecdotal comments that I have received you made a considerable impact on the audience.

Paul Ellis, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

Kate has the empathy and persistence to achieve tangible results as a Coach. I recomend her warmly to those who are committed to achieving personal change.

David Smith, Author, Business Consultant and Speaker

It is very largely due to your help and support that I made the leap to attend (a course) and to stop bringing in all the avoidance strategies to play instead. I have clear goals in mind to tackle the areas needing addressing on my performance appraisal with my MD’s support. You were inspirational to me an I can not thank you enough …

Head of HR, Global Manufacturing

I was new to the coaching process when I first started working with Kate. I was uncertain as what to expect and I thought I had a clear idea of the issue I needed to address. – lack of direction in my career. From the very first session Kate’s warmth, humour and non judgmental attitude were apparent and this did not change throughout our sessions. She listened to me and although sensitive to my feelings she did challenge me and help me identify the real issues I needed to address. Although difficult at times Kate’s continuing support and providing a ‘safe’ environment made it easier for me to commit to and participate in the coaching process. For me the coaching process was a very beneficial experience and from it I have developed tools and techniques I can utilize when I am considering changes within my personal and professional life. Even though I no longer have face to face contact with Kate, the impact that she had on me means she still remains part of my inner voice when things get tough.

V Bryson, OH Team leader

You have helped me to work through my 360 Feedback both honestly and effectively. With a great mix of empathy, shared experience/views and challenge. As you know at the commencement of my 360 Feedback I was not in a place I really wanted to be; I was not making the contributions I knew I was capable of, I was very frustrated and disappointed with my role and the company’s support for it and crucially my work-life balance was way out of line (further fuelling my frustrations).

Through the coaching sessions we had I felt you were honest and direct with me when I needed it and challenged me at the right times – thereby creating an environment in which I felt I could share concerns and issues honestly but at all times I knew I was ultimately responsible for deciding on and making any changes.

The tools you shared with me have been used and have already gained some desired results, it was also refreshing not to just be issued with a plethora of tools, but that you provided ones that were pertinent to my situation and needs at the time, meaning I could trial them and get used to using – As discussed at our last visit, some admittedly I am still working on to make them natural and habitual for me!

The transition you have guided me through is thoroughly appreciated, going from being very frustrated with my work-life balance and the role I do, to feeling much more in control of my overall life balance and my role, allowing me to be better at both. I also feel calm and confident about the future and what I need to action for myself.

So, many many thanks for all your support and guidance in helping me to help myself, it really has made a difference and is truly appreciated.

Paul Lindfield, Tactical Field Manager, UK


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