Personal Coaching and Mentoring Testimonials

Mrs. Shaw is an authentic career coach, who is an active listener, a person who takes personally your career issues and who is such a positive influence. She showed me my strengths, in which domain I would excel and which business environment suits me best. She increased my confidence, how to sell my personality and my soft skills on my CV, but most of all, together we planned a career strategy. Since our last session, I found a most suitable job, I earn more, and most of all I know which direction I should follow for a successful career. If you do not know how to advance with your career, if you do not know how to reach your goal, if you would like to change your career path or just find the equilibrium between your career and you personal life then I fully recommend Mrs. Shaw. Investing in a career coach is important and definitely you need a real professional who will show you the way to excel, Kate was one of my most fruitful investments.

Paris Parissis, Civil servant in a UN system

If you ever require support regarding challenges within your personal or professional life, then I would fully endorse the professional services of Kate Shaw of SurePotential. Kate’s proven experience gives her the ability to provide solutions that are bespoke, realistic and can deliver tangible positive change. In two very different personal challenges, Kate and I designed an achievable roadmap that delivered the desired outcome – that was the key- we worked as a team and she helped me to help myself. Kate provided sensitive feedback that brought clarity and gave me confidence to reinforce and build new skills. By listening and understanding me first, Kate avoids ‘off the peg’ solutions and crucially provided me with the insight and tools to problem solve and help me progress. Working with Kate is both rewarding and a great return on investment.

Matthew Eastwood, Sales Manager, London.

I have worked with Kate Shaw as a Lifestyle Coach during a period of my life which I can only describe as “lost”. She helped me to move on from old ideas and beliefs which were holding me back from reaching my full potential. Her attitude is one of pure professionalism wrapped up in a compassionate and caring nature. She guides in a firm but fare and caring manner. She has an uncanny knack of knowing when to push and when to let the person figure out problems for themselves. I personally found her coaching empowering and very rewarding. I would highly recommend her as a lifestyle and business coach for anyone who wants to make the most of their intelligence and abilities but have gotten themselves stuck in a bit of a rut. She helped bring clarity and enjoyment back into my daily life on both a personal and a business basis. And for this I will be eternally grateful.

Hilary Sander, Event Management Consultant, Switzerland

Kate, you were the catalyst for this (change) and you might feel you didn’t play much of a role, believe me, in my mind you did. Thank you for helping me to discover something profound about myself …. something that will guide my business direction from here on in.

Carole Appleby, MCIPR, MAC

I thoroughly enjoyed our coaching sessions, your approach was really energising, insightful, helpful and empathetic. What’s so great is I really feel like I can take some practical steps to make a change.

Sarah Barker, Consultant, BarkerGraves Recruitment


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